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Mimi Heines - Life and Executive coachin

Meet MiMi Heines

Life and

Executive Coach

After  over 30 years of hiring, training, mentoring and directing Leadership Development programs in the dental and pharmaceutical industries, MiMi has brought that base of knowledge and experience to Life and Executive Coaching.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, and then CMR in Pharmaceutical Management, MiMi has trained with the Gardner Institute and is certified to use the proprietary coaching model Mindset for Success. She is also a certified Coaching Within Ministry Coach. A member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), MiMi is active in the Minnesota Chapter. 

Over the years, MiMi has consistently had a significant number of direct report employees, guiding them through their business and personal challenges. Her reputation as a trusted role model, advisor, manager and mentor stems from her belief that each individual is unique and has incredible power within.

MiMi Heines - Life and Executive coachin

Understanding one's purpose provides meaning and significance, whether in business or other areas of life.

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At various times, most of us can benefit from having a caring partner help us find that purpose or bridge from intention to action

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